Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge Day #2

So today the project was to clean your bathrooms. With four kids and two adults our ONE bathroom gets destroyed pretty darn fast! We do have another bathroom in our basement that has been in the middle of being remodeled for about two years now. :)

What did I do to my ugly pink bathroom?
-Toilet inside and out
-Washed tile walls
-Emptied Garbage

And a bonus: I even cleaned out the drawers and cupboards and reorganized and tossed a few items! I also cleaned a kid in the tub while I organized, he is not a permanent fixture of the bathroom but I believe I get an award for multi-tasking eh?

If feels lovely to go potty in such a clean bathroom! Care to join the challenge? Head on over to Money Saving Mom's Challenge and link up!

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