Friday, February 1, 2013

How to Shop at CVS

Wondering how to start saving at CVS? Here is a starting guide to help you!

First, you will need a CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card which you can easily obtain for free in store or online here.

  • You will use this card to get the deals advertised each week.  
  • You will use this card in-store at the "coupon machine" where it will print out coupons and quarterly Extrabucks for you. 
  • This card will also be how CVS keeps track of your purchases and awards you with ExtraBucks and limits the number of deals per card. For example when you see "(Limit 1)", you can only receive ExtraBucks on that item once per ExtraCare Card.

What are ExtraBucks? ExtraBucks is basically like cash you can use at CVS on virtually anything in the store. You can combine as many ExtraBucks as you wish and apply them towards a purchase or you can "roll" them, I will explain how this is done.

"Rolling" example:

You head out to CVS to purchase toothpaste and toilet paper.

It is advertised that if you purchase Crest toothpaste for $2.49 you will receive an ExtraBuck for $0.99.
You purchase Crest toothpaste for $2.49. You use a $1.00 off of Crest coupon, so out of pocket (OOP) you pay $1.49. On your receipt will be your $0.99 ExtraBuck. At this point you can hold onto it for a future purchase or you can "roll" it and perform a second transaction. 

In this example you go on to your second transaction:
It is advertised that if you purchase Scott Toilet Paper for $5.99 you will receive $1.50 ExtraBucks.
So you purchase the Scott Toilet Paper using a manufacturer coupon of $1.00 off AND your $0.99 ExtraBuck that you just earned. So out of pocket (OOP) you pay $4.00. On your receipt will be your $1.50 ExtraBuck. This could potential go on for a few transactions.

Cashiers at CVS are familiar with us couponers and are often more than happy to do multiple transactions. I try to choose a time when it isn't busy, or if a line happens to build behind me I will just purchase everything with my coupons and save my ExtraBucks for the next week.

CVS also has there own Savings Center where you can print CVS Coupon which can usually be combined/stacked with a manufacturer coupon allowing for more savings.

I also recommend that everyone join the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club where you can earn even more rewards for purchasing personal and beauty products through exclusive coupons and ExtraCare Bucks.

Hopefully this helps! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

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