Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Motivation to Clean

As I am participating in the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge, I have to say there are days where I simply lack motivation. I love having a clean, organized house but doing the work isn't always what I'd like to be doing. So instead of posting about my experience deep cleaning my living room today, I decided to share with you how I get myself motivated as well as other tips that might help you.

  1. Music: Playing my favorite tunes is often a great motivator for me. Maybe it's time to download some new tunes to add to your "Kick butt cleaning" play list.
  2. Coffee: I have to have my coffee in order to do anything. The odd part is I only drink Decaf, so it's obviously not the caffeine that gets me going. There's just something about an iced coffee that motivates me.
  3. During this challenge I have been snapping "before" and "after" photos. Even when t his challenge is over I may continue to do this. It is SO rewarding to actually see the difference in a side by side comparison.
  4. Setting a timer! This is new to me during this challenge, and it works! Knowing that you only "have to" clean for 20 minutes (or whatever you set it for) really takes the pressure off, and prevents me from getting side-tracked into 10 other projects at the same time. Which brings me into the next tip...
  5. One room at a time! Flying all over the house picking up this and throwing away that can make your head fall off, seriously. One room, one focus. No multi-tasking.
  6. Trying a new cleaning product will get me going at times as well, granted it decently works.
  7. Reward yourself! "When I am finished with this project, I am going to...."

How do you stay motivated? What kick in the butt gets you going?

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