Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day #5

I feel SO good right now. Today the list calls for a surface cleaning of kitchen and living room. Throw away 7 things....Well seeing as I did the kitchen two days ago, I chose to to my living room and dining room. And the shocker....I had help, yes I know I am one lucky mama! I told them I would officially recognize them in my post, so there it was boys. Mama loves you.

What  WE did:

  • Well as you can see there were baskets of clean laundry that needed folding and putting away- Done
  • Dusting (Everything)
  • Swept and wash floors
  • Washed glass (windows, tv, glass table)
  • Pledged all wood surfaces (dining room table twice-it gets such a beating)
  • Put away loose DVDs
  • Vacuumed under couch and inside fireplace
  • Trimmed the dead lilies off of my Easter lily

BONUS: The kid you see in the "Before" picture, yeah well he's gone and so is my youngest daughter tonight on a family sleep-over. So not only do I have these two clean rooms, but hours later they are STILL clean. It's a wonderful feeling, words cannot even describe. It's not too late to join up with the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge, jump aboard!


  1. Do you have any tips for minimizing firewood debris by the fireplace while in use?

    1. Well we don't have fires that often, but when we do I always use both screens. we have a built in screen and then the decorative screen you can see from the picture. We usually just have a nice stack of logs off to the side and vacuum it all up the next day.