Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Day-Spread the Happiness!

Tomorrow is May 1st, "May Day"! I was raised with the tradition of picking flowers or making cute little crafts at school to drop off on neighbor's door steps. I Loved doing this as a little girl! Now my kids do it as well. Their school even participates and has the younger grades go out in the school neighborhood and drop off goodies on otherwise lonely steps and porches.

Then neighborhood we live in is full of older folks who don't seem to have young kids around anymore, so I'm sure most of them really appreciate the extra sunshine on an ordinary Spring day! Here are a few of my new favorite May Day ideas, hopefully you'll participate this year! (p.s. you don't have to be a kid to join in)

Check out how to make these easy paper "baskets" HERE!

Here's another cute idea! I love the seeds and sweets!

Here's another cute idea. I think I'm taking a liking for the ones that include treats!

Check out Pinterest as well for more ideas and share the love tomorrow!

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