Monday, April 29, 2013

HOT Target Deals

So Target had a mis-print in their ad, and lucky for us they are honoring it!

Here's the deal way back in the bulk section where ever that is in your Target, you will find 3 packs of Colgate toothpaste and four pack of Oral B toothbrushes on sale for $5.99. The mis-print in the ad states that if you buy one of the items listed you receive a $5.00 Gift Card making them just $0.99! Well, most Target stores ARE honoring it after all. You might not see a sign, and you will want to check to make sure, Ii did and it was definitely worth it.

You can also use the following coupons from this past Sunday's P&G insert to make them completely FREE.

$1.00 off Colgate Toothpaste 4/28 P&G
$1.00 off Oral B Tooth Brushes 4/28 P&G

I believe there is a Scope mouthwash deal as well which you can also find a coupon for in the 4/28 P&G!

It worked for me, and I hope it works for you! I would go as soon as you can before they are all gone!

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